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Logic, Criticality, Criticism and Critique




As a part of being a researcher, I quite often come across the term ‘critical thinking’ and how crucial it is in many or even all sections of the research. Sometimes, this term is confused with other terms; namely logical thinking, criticism and critiques. Therefore in this post, I will attempt to find the difference between them

Critical thinking vs. Logical thinking

According to Heuveln, logical thinking is about how human should reason (good reasoning) which is categorized under philosophical studies, whereas critical thinking is about how humans actually reason, which is under psychological studies. Thus, the first is a science of evaluating reasons ( not a matter of opinion), whereas the second is process we practice in evaluating (Austin ClineAustin Cline)

Criticism vs. Critique

Criticism as a process to finding fault by judging according to consensus of values, whereas critique is examining and evaluating assumptions according to logic. (Irit Rogoff)


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I am Tag. A global citizen, lifelong learner and a free thinker. As a PhD student in HCI , my main interests fall in the intersection of cross cultural design and social change. Thus, my blog is focused on -but not limited to- this area. I have been writing in blogs, social media and newspapers for a while but that was in Arabic (my native language). However, being in the UK now and doing my PhD in English, made me consider starting to write and blog in English.

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  1. I have just finished reading this post. I really appreciate your effort on it, and especially in listing the online courses.


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